A Box Full of Love


I hope that at some point in your life you’re fortunate enough to come across a treasure like the one I found today. Nestled on the bottom shelf behind an old Hamilton Bach mixer was this lovely, yellowed tin box packed full of handwritten recipe cards. 

Most of the recipes are your quintessential 60’s food: jello salads, casseroles, recipes peeled off the back of a soup can. Tucked in with the fading index cards are a few newspaper clippings, all brown now, and a couple of Red’s baseball cards. 

I feel connected to the lady who invested so many hours into writing these recipes down. I like to think of her tucking wayward hairs behind her ear, tying an apron behind her back, and embarking on a new recipe. I can imagine the excitement she must have felt to present her husband with a delicious meal when he arrived home from work, or the joy of teaching her daughter how to make a proper pie crust (there’s a recipe in the box for that!). 

I wish I knew the name of the lovely lady who filled this box with her recipes, who she was and what she was like. I know one thing at least, and that’s the common thread between us: we love to cook, we thrive on nourishing the ones we love with good food.

I hope you’ll join me as I set out to get to to know this lady better as I cook my way through her recipes.